Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Massive uproar against yet another Lebanon MTV (Murr TV) racist show

It was meant to be funny. And I thought that the first reactions against the video I saw on Facebook were activist exaggerations. Because we are supposed to be able to make fun of our human rights challenges and violations. And humor can be a good advocacy tool.

But the Lebanese TV, Murr TV, yet again crossed ethical and moral red lines. Their comedy show, "Ktir Salbe" produced a trashy sexually explicit video in which migrant domestic workers are dehumanized and objectified to the point where the person playing the role of the recruitment agency representative responded to the couple seeking a domestic worker: "Do you think that I am a pimp?". The "husband" at the end of the video suggested that to the recruiter "to shove up his *** the broomstick that their last maid had used before she jumped from the balcony".

Facebook, Twitter and Youtube comments are those disdain and condemnation. This is the post by the Anti-Racism Movement. (18+) on the issue. Some on the Internet called for shutting down MTV again.

This comes after a previous Murr TV report that we reported on previously, on the "invasion of perverted migrants" of Bourj Hammoud (North Beirut Suburb).

In the caption under the video, we read "Ktir Salbe" - Monday 8:30 PM on MTV Lebanon - Written By Jiscar Lahoud & Nabil Assaf Directed by Hani Khashfeh.

Someone needs to tell these persons, as well as Murr TV staff and managers, of the existence of media ethics.

Wissam al-Saliby, Ethiopian Suicides.

The following is the video. In Arabic. Recommended 18 years and up.

And these are some of the social media reactions:

On Youtube:
  • we are in 2011 you racist Lebanese!
    minutes ago
  • You know, I think it would have been better if MTV had stayed closed, if this is the kind of programs they're showing.
  • I am really confused. So they were listing all these things implying this is what the housekeepers are actualyl doing? Mocking people who defend their rights on the basis of racism? That's the message I got but it is too low to be true.

  • Yes they want a maid most likely to send her in a coffin back home! Watch and weep you evil Lebanese! What a sick nation without any human dignity, you do not even respect your souls and lives, how can you respect your guest workers! Sick sick tfeh yel3ankoun mana cha3eb, yel3an trabkoun... Shame on you, i used to like Ktir Salbe! Tfeh...
  • shame
  • Racists
  • I can't get over how revolting this is.
  • This makes me lose faith in humanity. What a disgrace...
  • it is really disgusting
    this racists lebanese people full of complexes and mental disorders really i wish they just throw you from the balcony making fun of migrant workers who clean after you filthy people
    And on Facebook (Screenshots). Do read the first one "This is how racism and discrimination work:...)



    1. you surely must mean "MTV! PLEASE STOP THE RACIST ATTACKS!". right?

  2. Say what? Go revise the definition of your words my friend.

  3.'s a shame it took an episode of this type to expose MTV as the right-wing, racist media outlet we've always known it to be...

  4. It is not only about MTV, we have a big part of the nation that is sick with empty chauvinism and they only proficient to lick "white-man Ass" and to suck "Arabic gulf Princes' ***"...!!

    Dear ethiopians and other nationalities, I am sorry to use these words, but it is only their fact.

    We must move to close this channel.