Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Filipino domestic worker falls from the 6th floor balcony

Al-Akhbar newspaper reported today that Filipino migrant worker, Shella K. (31 years-old), fell from the balcony of her employer in Kaslik, from the 6th floor, according to the police report. She fell while cleaning the balcony and sustained bruises and broken bones and was transfered to hospital for treatement.
Like in previous information, Al-Akhbar did not specify the exact date and time of the incident. It is presumed that it happened in the previous 3 days, because police reports are not distributed daily.

The following is the original text of Al-Akhbar:
وقعت العاملة الفيليبينية شيلا ك. (31 عاماً) من شرفة منزل مشغلها في الكسليك، في الطبقة السادسة. وجاء في بلاغ وارد إلى قوى الأمن أن شيلا سقطت وهي تنظّف الشرفة، وأنها أصيبت بكسور وجروح. وقد نقلت إلى مستشفى قريب للمعالجة.

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