Wednesday, April 17, 2013

الكسندرا شهيدة جديدة للعمل المنزلي

سارة ونسا، المفكرة القانونية، 17 نيسان 2013

قضت اليوم الكسندرا ابنة الخامسة والعشرين عاما نحبها بعد بقائها لأكثر من شهر ونصف في أحد المستشفيات الحكومية في بيروت بعدما كانت سقطت من شرفة منزل مخدومها وهو ضابط "مرموق" في أحد الاجهزة الامنية[1]. أدخلت الكسندرا الى مستشفى خاصة حيث بقيت هناك ثلاثة أيام الى أن أتى رب عملها وقرر نقلها الى أحد المسشفيات الحكومية في بيروت، من دون سبب واضح، خاصة أنه لم يكن هو من يتحمل تكاليف استشفائها، انما شركة تأمين خاصة. ولوح بعض الأطباء ووسائل الاعلام الى حصول اهمال في علاج الكسندرا التي ماتت اليوم من دون

Monday, April 15, 2013

Thursday, April 11, 2013

TV REPORT: Domestic help commits suicide in the region of Fanar

Lebanese citizen Carole Ashouty claimed that her foreign domestic worker, Doumal Gidara, committed suicide inside her house in the region of Fanar.                   
Ashouty said that the reason behind the maid's suicide was her husband forbidding her to see her daughter.               
This report examines the case of Ashouty. Suicide among domestic helpers has been rampant across Lebanon. 

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bangladeshi domestic worker commits suicide in Sidon

The Daily Star, by Mohammed Zaatari - 10 April 2013 - SIDON, Lebanon: A Bangladeshi domestic worker committed suicide in her employer's house northeast of Sidon, security sources told The Daily Star.

Citing preliminary investigation, the sources said Shahnaz Beeka, in her 30s, was found hanging from the window by a pair of pantyhose that was wrapped around her neck.

The employer, Sobhi al-Ghazawi, told police that he found Beeka in that position when he arrived at his house in the village of Sharhabeel. The woman had been employed at Ghazawi's house for 15 days.
Red Cross workers transfer the body of a Bangladeshi woman into an ambulance northeast of Sidon, Wednesday, April 10, 2013. (The Daily Star/Mohammed Zaatari)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

"Suicide" of domestic worker in Fanar, North of Beirut انتحار خادمة شنقا في الفنار

A migrant domestic worker presumably committed suicide yesterday by hanging herself in her employer's house in Fanar, North of Beirut. The nationality of the worker was not specified in the Arabic news brief below.
وطنية - أفاد المندوب الأمني في "الوكالة الوطنية للاعلام" الياس شاهين أن المواطنة كارول جورج عشقوتي ادعت أن خادمتها المدعوة دومال جيدارا قد شنقت نفسها بحزام داخل منزلها أثناء غيابها عنه، في محلة الفنار في الطابق الثاني من بناية "البيما".

Monday, April 8, 2013

Soldier Tortures in Private Female Domestic Worker

Lebanese Center for Human Rights
Press Release
Soldier Tortures in Private Female Domestic Worker
A member of the Lebanese military has tortured a female domestic worker whom he suspected of stealing his service weapon and jewelry from his home.
The soldier initially identified several suspects, but then fifteen days after the theft he is alleged to have taken a female domestic worker – who had denied any contact with the missing items – to a house in the countryside accompanied by other individuals, and proceeded to hang the young girl upside down by her feet in the bathroom using handcuffs. He is also alleged to have subjected her to electric shocks during most of the night, as well as burns using a red hot knife, in order to force her to incriminate herself and admit guilt in the theft.
Despite her complaints, and with traces of torture on her body, the domestic worker was sentenced to one year in prison for theft, and her appeal in court was dismissed.
Worse yet, at the end of the young woman's trial in early 2013, her employer refused to pay for her plane ticket to return to her home country. The CLDH (Lebanese Center for Human Rights) financed her repatriation, a full ten months after she had served her sentence.
The CLDH requests that an investigation be launched in this matter, and that this member of the military be held accountable in a manner commensurate with the perpetrated acts. The Judiciary is requested to take all allegations of torture consistently and seriously, short of which egregious acts of this nature will continue.
Beirut, April 8, 2013
Press contact: Wadih Al-Asmar, Secretary General of CLDH: 70 950780


Centre Libanais des Droits Humains
Communiqué de presse
Un militaire torture une employée de maison en privé
Un militaire libanais a torturé une employée de maison qu’il soupçonnait de lui avoir subtilisé son arme de service et des bijoux à domicile. 
Le militaire a soupçonné plusieurs personnes, puis quinze jours après le vol, alors que l’employée affirmait ne pas avoir touché aux affaires disparues, le militaire