Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Migrant Task Force organizes a vigil to remember mepalese migrant worker dead in Jdeide

Time: Sunday, March 20 · 2:30pm - 5:30pm
Location: Saad Street, Jdeideh, Beirut
Facebook event:
Death originally reported here:

On Saturday, February 26 a 30-year old woman from Nepal named Samoay Wanching Tamang committed suicide at her employers apartment in Jdeide under mysterious circumstances. The Police are shutting up, her employers are shutting up, and no one is willing to ask WHY?

Why is one migrant worker dying a week in Lebanon? Why did two die last week? Why have hundreds of young women been murdered, abused, tortured, and pushed to suicide by... their employers in Lebanon in recent years?

JOIN US this SUNDAY at 3 PM on Sa’ad Street in Jdeideh to COMMEMORATE the life and death of Samoay Wanching Tamang, one of hundreds of migrant workers denied their full human rights, and show her neighbors that she is not just a statistic in some report. We will be accompanied by members of the Nepalese community paying their respects through a Buddhist funeral ceremony.

We will be meeting at 14:30 in Dawra to head over together. Please contact us through Facebook or email at gmail dot com for more info.

More info on Samoay at

The Migrant Worker Task Force ( and the Anti-Racism Movement ( are two initiatives committed to exposing the mistreatment of migrant workers in Lebanon and working with migrant workers to FIGHT for their rights.

If you believe human lives are equal regardless of race, gender, or class, join us and DEMAND that the lives of migrant workers be respected!

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