Friday, January 22, 2010

Update on "falling" Nepalese couple

AsSafir newspaper added today to Al-Akhbar's info yesterday that the two Nepalese girls, Santi Maya (1985) and Lama Asmita (1981) fell from the third floor of Salibi tower in Jisr El Basha. The first sustained injuries and the second died.

I called today staff of a reputable NGO that has offices on the 7th floor of Salibi tower and NO ONE HAD HEARD of the incident. It seems that it was raining heavily on that day.

The following is the text of AsSafir:

سقوط نيبالي قاتل
سقطت الفتاتان النيباليتان سانتي مايا (مواليد 1985) ولما اسميتا (مواليد 1981) من الطابق الثالث في سنتر صليبي في محلة جسر الباشا، فأصيبت الأولى بجروح وفارقت الثانية الحياة.

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