Thursday, November 12, 2009

Al-Akhbar newspaper reports the suicide of 20 year old maid from Madagascar

Al-Akhbar newspaper reported today the body of Anget R. (20 years old, from Madagascar) was found hanging from a rope at the bedroom door of her employers in one of the Maten villages (Mount Lebanon). Al-Akhbar added that initial information indicate that she hung herlself.

Despite last week's big media buzz, locally and internationally, and after Human Rights Watch's press release on the high number of migrant workers deaths in October 09, Al-Akhbar only gave 2 lines for the news! It seems that only Al-Akhbar newspaper has reported this information.

“وفاة عاملة أجنبية... شنقاً,” Al-Akhbar, November 12, 2009

وفاة عاملة أجنبية... شنقاً
عُثر على جثة أنجيت ر. (20 عاماً ـــــ من مدغشقر) معلّقة بواسطة حبل عند باب غرفة نوم مشغّليها في إحدى قرى المتن. جاء في تقارير أمنية أن «المعلومات الأوّلية تشير إلى أنها شنقت نفسها».