Monday, July 19, 2010

Video: MTV Lebanon's special report on "Racism in Lebanon"

On Firday July 16, MTV Lebanon's 8 o'clock news featured a special report on "Racism in Lebanon", and interviewed Anti Racism Movement activist Farah Salka. Thousands of Lebanese saw how the not-so-nice Sporting Club employee kicked out the anti-racism team, on prime time.

Video available here in Arabic (1074 views till now):

The comments under the video include:
  • Majid N. Thank you MTV... "Beach Owners" word that only exists in Lebanon, no one owns the beach except the lebanese mafia.
  • Raja Z.S Shameful!! very shameful!!! i hope these Beach owners get prosecuted!!!
  • Joe A. Génial .. merci pour la MTV pour ce type de Reportage.

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