Monday, July 12, 2010

Lebanon supports the new convention to protect domestic workers

According to an email brief I received from Christian Aid, Lebanon has supported the new convention to protect domestic workers at the recent annual International Labour Conference, where ILO members agreed on a new Convention which will outline rights and protections for domestic workers.

For more information:

Christian Aid: New convention to protect abused workers

Moves Welcomed to Protect Rights of Exploited Domestic Workers

According to Christian Aid, the next steps for this area of work include working with partners to:
  • ensure that the detail of the ILO Convention reflects the needs of domestic workers as far as possible;
  • build wider and deeper support for the ILO Convention, particularly in the Middle East;
  • hold governments accountable for acting on positive positions taken in the ILO process by improving national laws and practice to match these benchmarks;
  • build support for the Convention and its ratification by countries in the Middle East;
  • deepen the participation and organisation of domestic workers’ groups in the ILO process, other international fora, and in national contexts;
  • highlight the value of domestic work and the poor conditions of many domestic workers in the Middle East;
  • support our UK partners in calling for the UK government to support a substantive Convention to further the rights of domestic workers internationally.

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