Wednesday, July 28, 2010

After IndyAct's t-shirts, Kafa's Postcards in support of Migrant Domestic Workers’ rights

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After IndyAct's t-shirts, KAFA is organizing a postcards campaign urging the Ministry of Labor to include MDWs under the Lebanese Labor Law.
The aim of the campaign is that the Minister of Labor will receive thousands of postcards signed by people who refuse the exploitation of migrant domestic workers and call for a positive legal change protecting and guaranteeing MDWs’ rights.
KAFA’s doors are open to receiving people who wish to convey their support of the case by signing the postcards containing the following demands:
- Amend the Labor Law to include domestic workers
- Allow workers a day off and a day out
- Allow workers to change employers without being bound to them
- Monitor the work of MDWs’ recruitment agencies
- Review the unified contract in order for it to be in line with the Labor Law articles, and translate it into the MDWs’ mother languages

Postcards are available at KAFA's office: 8 Badaro St, Komeir Bldg, 1st (Next to the Social Security Building) or you can contact Maya Ammar,

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