Monday, January 25, 2010


My condolences go to the families of the 23 Ethiopian nationals, most of whom worked as migrant domestic workers in Lebanese homes, who died in the crash of an Ethiopian Airlines plane today morning off the coast of Lebanon. On TV, I saw Ethiopian girls screaming because they have lost a friend, relative or sister on that plane.

In the photos taken from (Matthew Cassel): Samira Hossein mourns the loss of her sister, Mikia, who was a passenger on the Ethiopian Airlines flight that crashed off the coast of Beirut this morning. The two sisters came to Lebanon to be employed as domestic workers for Lebanese families.

UPDATE: List of names of Ethiopians who were on the plan (from Al-Akhbar newspaper)

Kidist Wolde Mariam، Bahrnesh Megersga،Addis Abera Demise ، Woinshet Meugistu Melaku ، Etenesh Admasie ،Rahel Tadese ، Elisabet Tilhum Habtemariam ،Alunesh Tkele ،Hani Gebre Gembezo ،Tigist Shikur Hajana ،Azeb Betre Kebede ،Aynalem Tessema، Seble Agezc ، Yikma Mohamed ، Selam Zigdaya ، Shitu Nuri ، Askalech Soboka ،Tigist Anura ، Lakech Zeleke Mekiya Sirur ، Eyerus Alem Desta ،Meselu Beshah

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