Friday, August 20, 2010

Lebanon tops in the list of Nepali Women Migrant Workers (and Nepali Suicides?)

Of 147,000 Nepali migrant women working in overseas jobs only 16 per cent of them are recorded causing lots of problem among women migrant workers (WMWs) in destination countries.
As per Department of Foreign Employment, Lebanon tops in the list of Nepali WMW with 9,389 hiring followed by Kuwait (3,452), the UAE (2,940), Israel (2,674) and Bahrain (1,098). Other destinations have hired less than 1,000 in last one and half decade.
Fifteen Nepali women commit suicide in Lebanon last year while two to three Nepali domestic helpers come to Nepali embassy’s shelter houses in Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait every week following abuse from their employers.


Comment: The fact that we have the figure of fifteen Nepali suicides in Lebanon can be due to better documentation in Lebanon, in comparison to other countries.

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