Thursday, May 13, 2010

Report: Migrant domestic workers continued to be maltreated in 2009

Findings of the 2009 progress report on the European Neighborhood Policy, an initiative by the Delegation of the European Union aimed at promoting reform in Lebanon, concluded that there was “a lack of progress” across a range of pressing issues. (The Daily Star)

These issues include foreign maids. The report said that
migrant domestic workers continued to be maltreated in 2009. The exact wording of the report which can be found here is:

In January 2009 a decree for the regulation of employment agencies that bring women migrant domestic workers to Lebanon was adopted. A Unified Contract for Migrant Domestic Workers was prepared in February 2009. However, enforcement remains critically weak as cases of exploitation, mistreatment and high rates of unnatural fatalities among women domestic migrant workers continue to be reported.

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