Thursday, May 13, 2010

Full videos of Monday's Public Discussion on the Plight and Rights of Migrant Domestic Workers

The discussion was really intense, at some points, despite the relatively low turn out. It was held on Monday, May 10th, at 7 p.m. at Chords Restaurant (Hamra), as part by Nahwa El Muwatinia's Na-am Lil Hiwar (Yes for Dialog) project.

The legal framework and legal shortcomings were thoroughly exposed by Nadim Houry and Kathleen Hamil. Nadim is senior Human Rights Watch researcher for Lebanon and Syria.

Aimée from Madagscared shared with us her personal experience of coming to Lebanon as a migrant domestic worker, her first employment and employer, and her current role as a community leader and her support for Malagasy and other nationalities working as maids in Lebanese homes.

Ali El Amin, former head of the syndicate of housekeepers recruitment agencies, arrived in the middle of the discussion and had a valuable input, talking about the syndicate's attempts to raise the level of awareness of recruitment agencies, and of blacklisting some of the 500+ recruitment agencies in Lebanon.

The attendees also had valuable input as noted in this Daily Star article.

The full videos:

video 1 duration 45:03

video 2 duration 18:16

video 3 duration 32:22

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