Thursday, November 3, 2011

Police arrest 4 over killing of domestic worker

The Daily Star, November 01, 2011, by Antoine Amrieh

TRIPOLI, Lebanon: Police arrested Monday four men for allegedly killing a Bangladeshi domestic worker whose body was found in a cave in the Tripoli city of Mina late September.

The Internal Security Forces arrested three Lebanese and one Palestinian were arrested on charges of killing Bangladeshi domestic worker, Yegekha Baten Niah, whose body was found in a cave near the sea in Mina.

The four suspects confessed to
the crime claiming to have been under the influence of drugs which they took after mixing them with alcohol.

There has also been talk that drugs are rampant among youths in the city of Mina in light of the absence of a police force due to a shortage in personnel.

The men were arrested and put in jail following at the request of Prosecutor General in the North, Omar Hamza.

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