Thursday, October 27, 2011

Participating to a Regional Workshop for Advocacy and Campaigning for Domestic Workers Rights

I am currently participating in Jordan to a workshop organized by Amel Association International (Lebanon), the Center for Egyptian Women for Legal Aid (Egypt), Women Association Forces (Egypt), and the Jordanian Women's Union (Jordan). The workshop purpose is for preparing an advocacy process and national campaigning for Migrant Domestic Workers rights in each of Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt.

The program of the workshop covers the following subjects:
  • Design of national and regional campaign
  • Planning the publications of the campaign
  • Lobbying and steps which have to be followed to put forward the memoranda with the reform proposals to the decision makers and the parliament members
  • Relations and effective use of the media: how to use the media in an effective way

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  1. the matter of domestic helpers in lebanon is highly misunderstood... its true that there are few cases of mistreatment but also in the countries of these domestic helpers their governments and even their families mistreat them worse than their employers.... is it better for a human being to die of hunger or to be thrown in the street or to be forced into prostitution or to become a beggar? or is it better to work and be kept well and fed and given money? this is not the place to discuss this issue in a sensational manner... the united nations international labor organization should hold an international conference on this matter and come up with a concensus on what is considered as proper so all countries can apply it... if the countries that export laborers pledge to feed and treat well their citizens i dont think that her citizens will want to go overseas to work... the workers know better what is good for them and not the people who make it their jobs to criticize domestic employers in lebanon... i say to all the people who criticize domestic employers in lebanon or anywhere else in the world to go feed the families of those workers and to educate them and give them jobs!!!!!!!!!!!!