Sunday, June 26, 2011

On suicides in Lebanon


He identifies a small minority as “genuinely ill psychiatric patients,” and defines others as “suicide gestures” or “serious attempts.”
“What we see is a lot of suicide-like behavior … they take a few pills and then come in for drama and attention,” he says, mentioning the case of a teenager who was admitted a few days earlier after an overdose.
“She had just broken up with her boyfriend and didn’t really want to kill herself,” he says. “I had to tell her about the other 3 billion other men on the planet that can break her heart in the future.”
He contrasts this with cases of foreign domestic workers, mainly young Philippine and Sri Lankan young women, who try to kill themselves by jumping off buildings or ingesting toxic products and are, as he defines them, “deadly serious.”
“I remember a Philippine national who had drunk a very toxic product … the surgeon’s gloves melted on the inside,” he says.


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