Friday, June 10, 2011

Draft law submitted in bid to improve conditions for domestic workers

The Daily Star - Beirut - 9 June 2011
A new law for the protection of domestic workers in Lebanon has been drafted and transmitted to the legislative authority and is currently awaiting the approval and implementation of the Parliament, said Abdullah Razouk, acting director general of the Labor Ministry.
“Lebanon has made significant improvements in the field of securing a decent work for domestic workers, including the country’s adoption of a
standardized model of work contract aimed at shaping the relationship between the employer and the worker,” he said. “This contract specifies the rights and duties of both parties.”
Razouk added that Lebanon has also put in use a guide written in Arabic and seven other languages which includes guidelines for assisting domestic workers in adopting the best work techniques and improving their relations with employers. Razouk’s remarks came during the International Labor Organization conference held in Geneva. The objective of the conference was to adopt policies and strategies aimed at facing the challenges imposed by globalization which contributed to the increase in poverty throughout the world.
Razouk said that the timing of the conference is convenient in light of the changes in the Arab world. “We are going through a transitory period that will take us to a just economic and social future,” he said.

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