Thursday, June 24, 2010

Inside info on Kafa's conference

Yesterday Kafa and the Danish Refugee Council launched their small research report entitled "Servant, daughter or employee?". It is a pilot study on the attitudes of lebanese employers towards migrant domestic workers.

For press coverage in Arabic
For press coverage in English

There were a lot of attendees. The representative of the minister of labor's words were unimpressive. (He was not quoted in the Daily Star, while he was quoted in Al-Akhbar saying that this issue was a priority to the ministry.)

There were a few migrant workers present. On the conference agenda was scheduled a talk by a migrant domestic workers, but she did not show up.

It is worth noting that Kafa's first issue of their MDW newsletter is really good. It includes the standard contract, raises issues at stake and negative issues in the contract, and includes important contact info. It is out in several languages in addition to English and Arabic.

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