Saturday, March 20, 2010

Another runaway maid

Assafir newspaper reported today that a Lebanese filed a claim the Antelias police station (Metn, North of Beirut), against his Filipino maid "R. F." (born 1970) for theft of $5,000 and of ID papers from the house, and for running away.

Comment: When a maid runs away from her employer's house, the police station is unable to act because there's no law criminalizing runaway maids. So the police station officer tells the Lebanese employer to say that she stole money. This is a possibility in this case.

Original text:

ادعى «ب. ع» (مواليد 1948) أمام فصيلة أنطلياس أن خادمته الفليبينية «ر. ف» (مواليد 1970) أقدمت على سرقة خمسة آلاف دولار وأوراق ثبوتية من المنزل وفرت الى جهة مجهولة.

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