Monday, February 15, 2010

"even dogs are not allowed to be treated this way.."

This an email that was forwarded to me
I live in [Ba..], Lebanon and I am writing for an advice.
On January 29th, at 5 am, my neighbour from the building facing mine was betting (punshing, clapping and kicking) her house maid till she was on the floor crying..
This same thing happened a day later and will sure happen tomorow and the days after tht.I tryed talking to her from my window but she refused to talk and was telling me she would l get killed if the owner saw her talking to me.
Now I need your advice on wht i can do to help her... This needs to stop because even dogs are not allowed to be treated this way..

[we emailed the sender for follow up - waiting for her response]

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