Saturday, February 27, 2010

Al-Hasna' magazine: Increase in cases of Suicide, Rape and Torture of Maids

Al-Hasna' magazine (issue 1809, February 2010) published a one page article in Arabic entitled: "The Situation of Maids in Lebanon in 2009: Increase in cases of Suicide, Rape and Torture".

The article reviews several suicide cases and interviews Nadim Houry (Human Rights Watch, Lebanon and Syria). Al-Hasna' also interviewed Dr. Ray Jureidini who gave the following figures, according to a study he did
  • 35% of maids work 15 hours per day
  • 42% of maids work 18 hours per day
  • 34% of maids do not have specified vacation/non-working days
  • 30% of maids included in the study were sexually harassed (which is an underestimate according to Dr. Jureidini)

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