Sunday, November 29, 2009

Nepal's self-respecting gov't stops domestic work in Lebanon

In the last eight months, nine Nepali workers have committed suicide because of the torture from their employers, has reported Nepal News. As a result, the Nepalese Department of Foreign Employment (DoFE) has decided to stop granting permission to individuals to work as domestic workers in Lebanon.

Kashi Nath Marasini, director of Department of Foreign Employment (DoFE), told myrepublica that the decision was taken with immediate effect from Wednesday [25 November], keeping in view the increasing reports of suicide by Nepali women - who are mostly employed as domestic helps -- and torture meted out to workers by their employers.

Ethiopian Suicides comments: Other sending states have reportedly also prohibited their women from working in Lebanon, BUT HAVE FAILED TO IMPLEMENT their decision, partly because these women go to Dubai first and then to Lebanon.

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  1. Oddly enough, according to the 2009 US State Dept report on human trafficking in Lebanon, Ethiopia has a ban, though like you said it is totally ineffective. The Philippines lifted their ban in March of this year. I wonder why.