Friday, November 6, 2009

Ethiopian maid beaten by Lebanese Internal Security Forces

Al-Akhbar newspaper reported today that an Ethiopian maid was beaten and insulted at the hands of the Lebanese Internal Security Forces (ISF - Police) at the police station of Mina El Hosn in Beirut, according to witnesses.
When Al-Akhbar contacted the officer in charge, he replied shouting: you do not have the right to ask about that!
Later, Al-Akhbar found out that she was arrested for not having ID papers.

ضرب وإهانة عاملة إثيوبية في مخفر

تعرّضت سيدة إثيوبية للضرب المبرّح والإذلال على يد رجال قوى الأمن الداخلي، يوم الثلاثاء في الثانية والربع ظهراً، في مخفر ميناء الحصن الكائن في منطقة برج المر، وذلك بحسب شهود عيان. ووفقاً للشهود أنفسهم، فإن رجال الأمن ادّعوا أن السيدة الإثيوبية كانت قد تعرّضت لهم، ما برّر بنظرهم الاعتداء عليها. وقد اتصلت “الأخبار” بالمخفر المذكور، من دون أن يجيب أحد. فاتصلت بالضابط المسؤول، الرائد و.أ.ح. فلم يبادر إلى نفي الحادثة، بل أجاب بنبرة مرتفعة وحادة “لا يحق لكم السؤال عن ذلك”، علماً أن المتصل عرّف عن نفسه بأنه صحافي، وتبيّن لاحقاً أن سبب توقيف السيدة الإثيوبية هو عدم حيازتها أوراقاً ثبوتية.

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  1. I am asking all Ethiopians to Unite and Help our voiceless sisters be heard! I worked with City of Hope Shelter in Dubai & fought hand in hand with Sharla Musabih throwing ourselves infront of these girls time & time again...
    Dubai is indeed a distribution hub to the other Middle Eastren countries. even though the Ethiopian government cut their diplomatic ties with Lebanon, it actually created this terrible underground mafia style distribution of victims through Dubai!
    We as an organization have handled thousands of such cases,We also handled cases of girls trafficked via Dubai airport to Iraq.
    Ethiopians have to take back the dignity of their blessed country & heritage which has a long history of peaceful values between its differences as a people..
    This topic is not new, however now that it is finally high lighted in the media, our hope is that this will be enough motivation to create a change from within our own society! what are the solutions???
    The answers are with our organization to prevent,empower,rescue & educate by holding all Governments accountable for the lack of systems in place including Ethiopian...

    "It's our time to be the light & the voice for those who suffer in lonely darkness"
    Yeshi Riske
    President/ Director of Human Rights
    United Hope UAE "United Action for Empowerment!
    1300 Pennsylvania Ave NW
    Sute # 700
    Washington Dc, 20004
    Tel: 360-930-2459