Monday, August 1, 2011

The aftermath of repatriation from Lebanon...

Madagascar to export labour to Jordan

The government of Madagascar will send 3,000 workers to Jordan by the end of the year, a minister has said.

Public Function, Labour and Social Regulations minister Henri Rasamoelina, made the announcement barely four months after the government repatriated some 85 domestic workers who had been subjected to abuse in Lebanon.


New tack on domestic workers’ pay terms proposed


Since the repatriation of domestic workers from Lebanon in 2006, the Philippine government formulated the HSW Reform package that gives would-be domestic workers pre-departure training and certification and language and culture training.
The said package also set the minimum age of Filipino domestic workers to be 23 years old; attendance to a comprehensive pre-departure education program (CPDEP); waiving of paying placement fees; and requiring employers to pay US$400 minimum.

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