Saturday, September 11, 2010

Carole Kerbage tells the story of a migrant domestic worker

Ten years ago, Samira decided that she could no longer tolerate her abusive employers and she broke her work contract with them she was supported by her employer’s son who sympathized with her. And she flew back to Bangladesh.
Once back in Bangladesh, the economic and financial pressure was unbearable so she had to go back to Lebanon, but this time she did not want to be living in «another torture camp», she wanted to be independent. She borrowed 3000 USD from her cousin who has been working in Lebanon for years, she paid them to an employment office, for the purpose of arranging her a fake sponsor to guarantee her stay in the country while she works on an hourly rate. She rented out a small room in Al-Barbir area for 150$ and she managed to pay back her debts in 2 years time.
Source: Tanmia periodical newsletter, by Carole Kerbage, August 2010

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