Sunday, December 6, 2009

I was busy cooking dinner

I was busy cooking dinner, when we started hearing screams - only one person, repeatedly, a female voice, screaming - maybe 10-15 seconds. This is not normal, so I ran out to the balcony to see if I could see what was going on. As I got onto the balcony, I looked over at the next building, and saw something, fairly large coming from a balcony on about the 6th floor. The window was open (actually may have been a door, but not sure in my mind) was open. I looked down toward the parking lot to see if I could see what had fallen, and couldn't see everything, as our balcony doesn't have a clear view. I could see reflections of a few people off the windows of a vehicle, and they weren't reacting very much, seemed sort of like they were checking things out, but disinterested. so i figured it was just a piece of furniture, tv, something like that. There was no screaming or response of any kind. This was around 6 or 615 I'm guessing. Around 8, my husband and I left the building, and we ran into a neighbor, who told us that a domestic worker had "thrown herself" from the balcony of the 6th floor. She was corrected (in Arabic) by another neighbor, who said it was a visitor of the domestic worker, her sister or something. Not sure what the actual story is. When we left the building and walked into the parking lot area, there was a policeman standing at the front of the vehicle next to where she fell, seemingly not doing anything. The woman was still on the ground with just a blanket covering her. This was almost 2 hours later. When we returned home around 1230 in the morning, there was a car parked in the space where she had been, and the area was wet, so it looked like they had "cleaned up" the area.

(this testimony was published on a Facebook event page "Vigil in Hamra". The December 2009 event was a vigil at the site of the death of the migrant worker who is mentioned in the testimony above)

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